Stainless Studs Capability

Cyclone Bolt is a A193 Stainless Studs manufacturer, producing B8 and B8M stainless studs with diameters ranging from 1/2” – 4”.   The table below shows a summary of the stainless studs that Cyclone can manufacture.

Size Range:

1/4″ to 4″ Diameter, Any Length


B8 studs, B8M studs


All Thread Studs, Single End Studs, Double End Studs

Stainless Studs - CLASS 1 VS CLASS 2

Class 1 stainless studs are produced from solution-treated material,  whereas Class 2 stainless studs are made from solution-treated material that has been strain hardened. Austenitic steels in the strain hardened condition may have non-uniform properties throughout the diameter’s  cross  section, particularly in stainless  studs larger than 3/4″ diameter.  A193 B8 and B8M stainless studs are standardly provided as class 1 but are also available in class 2.

Stainless Studs Product Summary

Stainless studs are cut-to-length all-thread rod, and common applications include: bolting flanges together, anchor bolting, and general fastening.

The specifications for stainless studs are governed by ASTM A193, and the most common material grades are B8 and B8M.

The length for stainless studs can be measured using either: overall length (OAL) or first useable thread to first useable thread (FTF). Industry standard is now OAL, but to calculate FTF measurement from OAL, simply subtract a quarter of an inch.

The thread pitch (threads per inch) for stainless studs with diameters below 1” is governed by coarse fastener thread pitches.   For all diameters 1” and above, B7 studs use 8UN, which means there are 8 threads per inch for these sizes.

The hardware related to stainless studs depend on  the grade and are listed  below.

Stud Bolt Grade



B8 Class 1

A194 Grade 8


B8M Class 1 A194 Grade 8M SS316
B8 Class 2 A194 Grade 8 SS304
B8M Class 2 A194 Grade 8M SS316