Along with Cyclone Bolt’s ability to manufacture stud bolts, Cyclone also carries a full line of non-asbestos paper gaskets. To better understand this type of gasket, lets first define what a non-asbestos paper gasket is.

The main difference between an asbestos and non-asbestos paper gasket is that the former contains asbestos, which is used as a reinforcing fiber while non-asbestos paper gaskets do not. Asbestos gaskets are known to be very strong due to the reinforced fiber making them carry a high resistance to heat and chemicals, but due to the nature of these fibers, it is harmful to work with these materials, so the majority of the gasket manufactures now offer non-asbestos paper gaskets. These gaskets are equal to or better than asbestos gaskets and do not contain harmful materials inside the fibers.

One type of fiber used in these non-asbestos paper gaskets is Kevlar and it is known for being two to nine times more durable than asbestos.

Now that we know what non-asbestos paper gaskets are, lets talk about the types that Cyclone Bolt & Gasket carries on our shelves.

As quality non-asbestos paper gaskets manufacture, we provide a range of different types and styles of non-asbestos paper gaskets. Two distinct types are Style 2500 (green) and Blue-Gard (Garlock blue)

Style 2500 (green)

This type of non-asbestos paper gaskets is a standard run of the mill daily use gasket. These non-asbestos paper gaskets are ideal on all industrial uses, such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical Refinement

This non-asbestos paper gaskets are made from a non-asbestos paper gasket sheet using a blend of aramid fibers with a nitrile binder and are ideally suited for use with water, saturated steam, hydrocarbons, oil, and gasoline.


Blue Gard non-asbestos paper gaskets are manufactured by Garlock and come in a wide variety of rubber binders developed for specific applications and industries. These unique arrangements of fibers combined with fillers and elastomeric binders allow for a great seal through improved torque retention.

These non-asbestos paper gaskets come in a variety of styles. The most common found on Cyclone Bolt & Gaskets shelves are the following:

  • Style 3000 (Blue)
  • Style 3200 (Off-White)
  • Style 3300 (Black)
  • Style 3400 (Grey/Black/Blue)
  • Style 3700 (Grey/Blue)